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About Our Brand

EYESTHETICSbyEC was curated in 2019 by SheEO, Glow-Getter, and social media influencer Eria’na Celissia.
While always having an intense desire that dealt with anything aesthetics and fashion, she knew it was time to take her own lead in the beauty industry.
Our mission is to make sure that all of our beauty products, and services make every individual feel like the true eyesthetically pleasing glow-getter that they truly are. For the most basic to the edgy dramatic queens, we promise top quality custom products that guarantee a beautiful, bold, and confident appearance.
At EYESTHETICSbyEC we encourage everyone to glorify their beauty no matter what anyone says or thinks. Break out your alter ego, and be whoever you want to be when you apply our irresistible cosmetics. Strut your stuff when you’re complimenting your attire with our accessories. Walk the walk, and talk the talk after you are snatched with our body services. Here is where everything beautiful captures the eye. Get your glow on girl!